Reducing your costs

Is this you? 

Here’s a scenario: a busy divorce lawyer takes on a new client and there’s a number of tasks that have to be undertaken.  (This is just an example but feel free to let us know if there are notable errors.)

  • Meet with the new client
  • New client onboarding – identity and AML checks
  • File note of the meeting
  • Client care letters to be sent
  • Correspondence to parties to be prepared
From the five tasks listed, two of them must be done by the lawyer.  The others are tasks which can be done by support staff.  Most lawyers will use dictation rather than typing themselves.  If not, then here’s a stat:  the average person speaks at around 150-200 words per minute (wpm), an average typist is 60-70 wpm.  

Whether you use speech recognition or dictation transcription, speech is always much faster than typing!

How often is analysis made of the costs of performing a task? 

Even when secretaries are employed, a calculation is used for the cost of the hourly rate, but rarely is consideration given to the amount of tasks expected to be performed within that hourly rate.  

In a recruitment process, a level of experience is required and perhaps a minimum speed for typing (usually 70wpm) but it is often hit and miss to get the right candidate with the right skillset so that the business owner is assured of value for money of their hourly rate.

This is one of the reasons why lawyers are 'doing it themselves’.  They don’t want to wait for documents to be typed up from a long queue of work and they don’t want to waste their hard-earned cash on administration costs. 

Task-based costs in line with your business needs

Bluebird has developed a system that integrates technology and quality human resources to work on tasks that will cost you less than employing staff, reduce your time spent managing staff, and are parallel to the demands of your business at any given point.

What our customer say ?

Bluebird has provided us with excellent client service.  Their experienced team, led by Leanne Bentley, has already provided invaluable support on a number of time-intensive and document-heavy transactions.

David Evans

Director, Open Plan Law

Having Bluebird work within our Proclaim system to type our dictation makes life easier all round. The turnaround time is fast, the cost is less than employing a secretary, and it’s secure.

David Urmston

Director, Accident Advice Solicitors